At this point in time I think it’s a good reminder that we are supposed to spend 2 hours on how Theory of Knowledge is addressed and explained in our history classes.

I find that there is the easy, simply daily support of using ToK terminology and reminding students that they should try to find linkages to other subjects. This helps reinforce the ideas that are being discussed in ToK class and gives the ideas a degreeof legitimacy with students.

Then, there is the dedicated ToK history class – a day which I devote to knowledge issues, ways of knowing as applied in history and historical debate. The lesson can be directly related to the History curriculum or it can be something new that interests me and that will grab my students’ attention. If it is timed properly it can really help the studentst with the development of their ToK presentation or essay.

Giving the students food for thought is very important and showing that we think about these issues beyond the scope of the ToK class and IB History lessons allows the students to broaden their approaches to their own work.