Thursdsy’s posting introduced you to Objective 1 – what I tend to think is really just recall. Little understanding of Chemistry is needed to understand these objectives.

However, as we move into Objective 2 (and 3) things begin to change.

“Objective 2 – Apply and Use

  • Scientific facts and concepts
  • Scientific methods and techniques
  • Scientific terminology to communicate effectively
  • Appropriate methods to present scientific information.1

I like the fact that Objective 2 can be thought of as being ‘apply and use’.

As discussed previously, the Objectives are clearly outlined in the subject guide.

For example, “3.1.2 Distinguish between the terms group and period, objective = 2′.

An exam question testing objective 2 may therefore ask something along the lines of  “How does the electronic configuration of an atom relate to its group?” – I am no question writer (as you can probably tell) but I would expect an answer along the lines of ‘The number of outer electrons is the same as the group number” [OWTTE – if you know what that means!]

As you can see, there is now some application of knowledge that the student needs to apply in order to answer the question.

Next week, we will deal with objective 3.

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