Our Team

At OSC, we have a dedicated team who work in the office and on course to ensure the smooth running of our courses.

Working towards your success

Our course team ensures students’ queries are answered and actioned, but also that our teachers are provided with all the support they need in order to run the best quality of classes. We believe in providing the highest quality educational support for IB students and schools, and nurturing a fulfilling working environment in which everyone is treated with integrity and respect.

  • Mitch Campbell

    OSC Manager

    Since 2002, Mitch has worked as an IB teacher (mathematics and physics), Associate Principal and he has operated revision courses in Dubai, Doha, Berlin and Copenhagen. He lives in Denmark and now manages OSC.

  • Sonia Henderson

    General Manager - OSC Australia

    Originally from the UK, Sonia has extensive IBDP teaching and examining experience. After many years of teaching on our revision courses in Oxford, Cambridge and Dubai, Sonia relocated to Australia and is now the General Manager of OSC Australia.

  • Peter Gray

    Subject Advisor - Maths

    Peter has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge and has taught Mathematics in a variety of schools since. He has been at Malvern College for many years, but has now moved to Munich International School. Peter has been a part of OSC for many years.Recently Peter has been involved in the development of the new Mathematics: Application and Interpretation course. He is joint author of the Oxford University Press textbook for the Higher Level course and the IB Prepared revision guide.

  • Christian Bryan

    Subject Advisor - TOK and Psychology

    Christian has been teaching the IB Diploma since 2002. He is a Workshop Leader (WSL) for the IB in TOK and Psychology and has published numerous books on Psychology, TOK and Global Politics with Pearson Education. He created the Pearson Essentials Series specializing in EAL education for IB Diploma students. He currently teaches IB Global Politics, Psychology and TOK at Brentwood School, Essex. He has been teaching with OSC for many years.

  • Dominique Laloux

    Subject Advisor - ITGS and Computer Science

    Dominique has taught IB courses for over 10 years, after a career as freelance IT consultant, systems developer, and author of computer related books. He taught IB ITGS, IB Computer Science, as well as classes on web development, computer programming and microcontrollers. When he doesn't teach in Brussels, he works at closing the digital gap with students and teachers in rural schools in Western Africa, through the installation of low-cost computer labs, training and workshops.

  • Duncan McCulloch

    Subject Advisor - Geography

    Duncan has been teaching geography for over 15 years and is passionate about investigating and sharing the causes, consequences and possible mitigation strategies for the most pressing global issues of today. Having taught internationally since 2012, Duncan is also an experienced IB examiner and has been actively involved in both spring and summer courses for OSC.

  • Alan Perkins

    Subject Advisor - ITGS

    Alan has been teaching in international schools for the past 21 years. He teaches ITGS, TOK, and Design Technology and is also an experienced IB Diploma coordinator. He is passionate about technology and blended learning techniques to improve teaching and learning and an enthusiastic supporter of Pamoja online IB courses, where at this moment he works supervising Extended Essays in both ITGS and World Studies areas.