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Supercharge Your IB Diploma Revision

Featuring flashcards, revision guides, videos and all-new IB exams.

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  • Official IB Exams
  • OSC Practice Exams


From US$49 for 3 months. For the 7 day trial, there is no obligation to purchase.

OSC Study blends the most effective media in one place, providing you with every opportunity to learn in a way that best suits you. Providing different approaches to topics contributes to better learning; see flashcards for bite-sizing, videos for anchoring key concepts, revision guides for comprehensive subject overviews, and OSC exams to tie your knowledge together. Accessible from any device, you can make an efficient start anytime, anywhere.


Revision Guides



The Subjects

Broad DP coverage. Expanded continuously. All included.

OSC Study revision materials are produced by educators from leading IB world schools. Collectively, their experience ranges from subject and group coordination, to participating in curriculum reviews and authoring for the main publishing houses. Most of them are also experienced IB examiners, so they can show you what you need to know in order to achieve the best results on your exams.

Start your free 7-day trial now without any obligation to purchase.

Mathematics A&A






Mathematics A&I








Business Management


Spanish B




Pre-IBDP Maths


Coming Soon





English B


French B


Smart Digital Content

Designed to keep you on track.

OSC Study follows the syllabus to a tee. The web app maps out each topic individually with all available media, making it easy for you to jump between flashcards, revision guides, videos and exams. As you browse all of the content, OSC Study crunches your study data in the background to keep you on track.


Powerful Exam Practice

Equipping you with OSC exams.

Access OSC exams for the new IBDP Maths courses, bundled with step-by-step solutions. This adds an entirely new dimension to the OSC Study app; these exams put your knowledge to the test and provide you with the practice and preparation you need to go into your real exams with confidence.

  • Official IB Exams
  • OSC Practice Exams
Step-by-step solutions
Video solutions

Individual Study Plan

Because following a personalised plan is the best way to make learning stick.

Add study notes to any card, page, video or exam question. Create folders to fit your needs and keep track of your own learning. Build exercises where you decide which cards you will be studying and when. And with search, OSC Study gives you the full picture – access all content, notes, folders, and exercises from one convenient place.


Flexible Access

Studying wherever you are.

OSC Study adapts to any screen size to display the same interactive content and features. It’s always ready when you are, wherever you are.

Simultaneous access

Choose a Plan

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11 IB DP subjects included

  • Mathematics A&A
  • Mathematics A&I
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • ES&S
  • Physics
  • Business Management
  • Geography
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Spanish B

Additional subjects

  • Pre-IBDP Mathematics

Subject updates included

  • Economics
  • Sports, Exercise and Health Science
  • English B
  • French B

All included - flashcards, revision guides, theory videos, OSC practice exams (for maths)

Simultaneous access

2 devices

2 devices

2 devices

Single purchase - no recurring payment

Top FAQs

In case you missed anything.

Can I experience OSC Study for free?
To access OSC Study, you will need to have a ManageBac account.

All ManageBac users – students and teachers – are able to access OSC Study for free. You can use our single sign-on (SSO) with ManageBac, allowing you to dive into OSC Study right away using your ManageBac account. Upon your first login, you will have a free 7-day trial with full access to all contents.

If you don’t have a ManageBac account, you will be able to sign up through OSC in the near term. Until then, access to OSC Study will be exclusively available to ManageBac users.

How can I buy a subscription to OSC Study?
Based on your needs, you can make a single purchase for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year access. All three plans include all of the subjects’ OSC Study features, starting at an affordable US$49. For payment, you can use your Credit Card. Simply log into your ManageBac account and navigate to the OSC Study tile in OSC Home.

If you don’t have a ManageBac account you will be able to sign up through OSC in the near term. Until then, access to OSC Study will be exclusively available to ManageBac users.

Which resources are included in OSC Study?
OSC Study features the most effective media for IB Diploma revision. Flashcards for bite-sizing, revision guides for comprehensive subject overviews, theory videos for anchoring key concepts, and OSC practice exams tying all of your knowledge together.
What exams are included in OSC Study?
OSC Study includes additional OSC practice exams for Maths A&A and Maths A&I. We added these because the two Maths courses are so new, meaning there are only a few exams the International Baccalaureate currently has available.
OSC practice exams are written by leading authors, ensuring they authentically replicate official IB exams.

The number of OSC practice exams per subject, are increasing continuously. As new content becomes available, we will add them to your account as free updates.

If your school decides to go for a school-wide subscription, you will also receive access to official IB exams for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths A&A, and Maths A&I. These come with video and step-by-step solutions.

Does OSC Study thoroughly explain exam solutions?

The OSC practice exams come with written step-by-step instructions. Video solutions will launch soon. As we increase our exam coverage, OSC Study will clearly show available solution content on a per exam level, guiding you through every aspect of the answers.
As new content becomes available, we will add them to your account as free updates.

What subjects does OSC Study cover?
OSC Study provides resources for 11 IB Diploma subjects:
Maths A&A, Maths A&I, Biology, Chemistry, ES&S, Physics, Business Management, Geography, History, Psychology, and Spanish B.

The number of OSC practice exams per subject are increasing continuously. We’re also working on developing revision content for entirely new subjects: Economics (for first assessment in 2022), Sports, Exercise and Health Science, French B and English B. As new content becomes available, we will add them to your account as free updates.

If you’ll start the IB Diploma Programme soon, you can prepare with our Pre-IB Maths content, in addition to all of the other IB Diploma content.

How does OSC Study assess studying progress?
OSC Study assesses study progress in line with the nature of each media.

We strongly believe in the philosophy of self-assessment to promote learning. This is why we’ve included buttons that allow you to assess your confidence level for the flashcards and free response exam questions, and to mark revision guide pages as ‘read’ or ‘not read’. Videos are automatically marked as ‘watched’ when you’ve completed them.

All of this combined drives your learning log and feeds the statistics on how you progress.

Why does OSC Study content meet such high quality standards?
OSC Study resources are created by IB professionals. Our content contributors are or have been active teachers, examiners, workshop or revision course leaders. Many of them have worked for other renowned publishing houses, like Oxford or Cambridge University Press. The Mathematics flashcards have been created entirely by the popular IB Mathematics publisher Haese Mathematics.
Does OSC Study cover everything I need to know for the IB Diploma Programme?
OSC Study currently provides resources for 11 IB Diploma subjects.

The broad range of media (flashcards, revision guides, theory videos, and OSC practice exams) provides maximum flexibility whether you have two years to study or two months to revise.

Can I use OSC Study with my mobile, tablet and computer?

You can access OSC Study with all mobile, tablet, and computer devices. OSC Study is a web app that is accessed via your web browser. The design is responsive, which means that the user interface automatically adapts to the screen size of your device, displaying the same interactive features and content.

Is there an option for a school-wide access?
Yes! OSC Study is included in the ManageBac Passport bundle. Please check with your DP Coordinator or subject teacher to see if your school already uses this bundle.
What happens to my individual access if my school subscribes to OSC Study?

Your individual access will simply be replaced by your school access, allowing you to benefit from additional functionality like teacher-assigned flashcard exercises.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy official IB exams, including IB markscheme, video, and step-by-step solutions, for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths A&A, and Maths A&I.

If you individually purchased OSC Study within 30 days of your school deciding to purchase school-wide access, you’re eligible for a refund. Please review our Terms & Policies here.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use OSC Study?
Yes. In the current version, OSC Study will require you to have an internet connection.

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