Knowledgeable – like most statements in the learner profile, this has obvious and not so obvious parts associated with it.

Yes, we (teachers) and our students are knowledgeable about the subject material (admittedly, some parts we are more knowledgeable on than others!) but knowledgeable goes deeper than this.

Knowledgeable is when we know what labs will work well and what won’t work well. We know the pitfalls and mistakes people make and are able to pass this onto our students to stop it happening to them. We know what labs are good for assessing ‘design’ or ‘data processing’. We are able to pass tips onto our students to help them collect data to a good level or precision.

As teachers we are also able to link other parts of chemistry together (and other areas of the curriculum as well).

But perhaps the most important way in which we are knowledgeable is that we are fascinated and inspired by our subject and are aware of the fact that the more we seem to know (the more knowledgeable we are) the more we realise how little there is that we actually don’t know!  😎