Yesterdays posting introduced the IB learner profile and over the next 10 or so postings I will aim to focus of each aspect of the learner profile with respect to Chemistry. It is a useful activity and one that you may wish to carry out with your students.

In what ways are Chemists inquirers? Well, a nice easy one to start with.

We ask questions about the world both seen and unseen. We have a natural curiosity about the world. Why do things happen that way? Why not this way? How could I get this to change faster, slower or into something else. I else could I make that? What happens if I add this ….?

Maybe not all curiosity is ‘safe’ but if we are to be successful scientist we must keep asking ourselves ‘why’?

I am really interested in reading how YOU think ‘inquirers’ relate to Chemistry so please add some posts below.