UN Food and Agriculture Organization is concerned about the prices of food which are  again on the rise and are reaching levels similar to the levels in 2011 when high food prices and food shortages caused riots in countries in the Middle East and northern Africa. Here is an interesting article on the prices of food and the causes behind this which makes a good reading for students of Economics. Oxfam, in its report, is warning of the danger to leave people in developing countries hungry as land deals have increased globally due to rising food prices and points out the need for urgent action to stop another land grab that in undermining the rights and livelihoods of the poor and the most vulnerable people.

From an economic point of view what is happening to food prices can be a starting point for a demand and supply analysis, investigating the causes and consequences of droughts, land grabs, increasing world population. The two linked articles provide also food for thought next time when you are on the way to throw your half-eaten sandwich in the trash bin.