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Many parts of the Northern Hemisphere have experienced heatwaves over the last month. Gallargues-le-Mountueux recorded France’s highest ever temperature of 45.9°C, beating the existing record by 1.8°C. Cambridge recorded the highest temperature ever in the UK. Find out more

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Migration in Myanmar

Myanmar has experienced a surge in migration over the last decade. The lifting of restrictions on internal migration has led to a rapid increase in the number of migrants to urban areas and the economy. Find out more

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The new IB Diploma Maths syllabus

For courses starting 2019, with first exams in 2021, the landscape has changed. So now there are four courses to choose from, two at HL and two at SL (Analysis and Approaches and Applications and Interpretation). How do you choose which to take? Find out more

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Five Years of the process portfolio

We have now had FIVE full years of the ‘new’ visual arts course and the Process Portfolio. It was started in 2014, with first examinations in 2016, so for those of us who have been here from the start, the annual hurdles should be getting less daunting and more familiar. Find out more

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Optical Illusions

An illusory figure is created when background figures, often with carefully placed gaps, create the strong illusion of a figure in the foreground - but the figure isn't actually there! - your brain is "filling in" the gaps. Find out more

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Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman uses photography in a creative, thoughtful, individual and admittedly sometimes provocative manner. Her photos could also form the basis of part of your Comparative Study or the critical investigation part of the Process Portfolio. Find out more

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Gaston Bachelard. Poetic Philosopher

Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962) is an unfairly neglected thinker who succeeded in carving himself a niche in the rich tradition of French philosophy of science. Trained as a physics and chemistry high school teacher, Bachelard took an early interest in epistemology. Find out more

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Oxbridge or not Oxbridge?

Many schools will be expecting students to be thinking about university applications after this summer break, and most of those decisions need to be decided now, at least as a first step. This post considers the idea of a student possibly applying to Oxford or Cambridge (jointly referred to as ‘Oxbridge’). Find out more

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Being human: how the drama genre means everything

"Meanwhile I want to go on talking to you as freely and intimately about what we live for and die for as if I knew you better than anyone else whom you know." English teachers want to open your eyes to what it means to be human and so do playwrights. Find out more

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Conquering Everest

Everest is an extreme environment, but is proving increasingly popular for tourists. Once the preserve of elite climbers, now it is becoming the focus for many inexperienced climbers who want a thrill. Find out more

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Combating the globalisation of waste management in south-east Asia

For a long-time, south-east Asia and other parts of West Africa have accepted waste from the world’s rich nations and recycled, reused or dumped it in their own environment. Even today, there are containers full of unwanted waste sitting in. Find out more

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Helping yourself to a prawn off your boss’s plate

Having recently started teaching Theory of Knowledge for the first time this academic year, the links between Language A and TOK are even clearer. Find out more

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TreeSisters and reforestation

The advantages of restored ecosystems are many – slowing down global warming by capturing and storing carbon, increasing rainfall, providing clean water, improving air quality and providing sources of natural capital. Find out more

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Carmichael coal mine, Queensland, Australia

The development of the Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin, Queensland, Australia was given the go ahead by the Queensland government in June this year. The mine is controversial for many reasons. Find out more

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Newton and Mechanics

In Mechanics I tend to lump the SUVAT equations and laws together, teaching them as a small section (effectively) under his name. This blog considers this short section of work. Find out more

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Phew – thank goodness that is over!

By the time this post gets ‘out there’, the IB exams are likely to be finished. And the DP students will be away from school and relaxing … and so they should. But is it all really over? Find out more

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Choices are about to be made?

Summer time can be a busy period for students considering or already taking the IB Diploma. Here are four of the situations they can find themselves in this summer. Find out more

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Who would be a teacher?

The results are a time for celebration (hopefully!) where I can, and without being patronising, I will often try to contact my students and let them know how well they did. I think it is important to remember that in education, we are helping to shape young people and that is a privilege we should never lose sight of. Find out more

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“Raising awareness of world issues” – The pitfalls (Concepts and Exhibition)

Conceptually speaking, the trouble with 'raising awareness' of world issues in your visual arts exhibition is that in most cases, awareness has already been raised, and examiners will probably have seen similar concepts touched on before. Find out more

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In chemistry, I guess we have things easy. We are putting on a number of lab sessions for students to investigate hydrogen - with the link being that this is a potential fuel that could be used in space rockets in the future. Find out more

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