Documentary B-roll project

B-rolls, according to Wikipedia, are the supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot in an interview or documentary.

More often the b-roll is the sole source of visual material and some of the audio material, all held together within the dialectic of a documentary by a voice-over narration an example of clever use of the b-roll is in The power of nightmares (Adam Curtis 2004 UK)

In this research project you will be expected to construct a B-roll for a documentary on one of the following topics

Choose one subject from the following: Realism or New Waves

What follows are your instructions, please read these carefully

If you choose Realisms

You must research the themes and practices of Italian Neo-realism and one of the following filmic traditions:

  1. Nouvelle vague (French New Wave)
  2. British kitchen sink films and their descendants
  3. Indian realist cinema of Satyajit Ray
  4. The social realist cinema of Latin American: Mexico and Brazil (of the late 1990’s)
  5. 5. Dogme 95

If you choose New Waves

You must research the themes and practices of The French New wave (Nouvelle vague) and one of the following filmic traditions:

  1. Dogme 95, its relationship to the French new wave and its influence
  2. Hong Kong New and Second Wave filmmakers including the films of Anna Lui and Wong Kar Wai
  3. New Mexican and Latin American cinema
    • Alfonso Cauron (Y Tu Mamá También)
    • Alejandro González Iñárritu (Amores Perros)
    • Walter Salles (Central do Brasil)
    • Hector Babenco (Carandiru 2003)
    • Fernando Meirelles (Cidade de Deus)
  4. Thai cinema since 1997 (New Wave and Independent film)
  5. Korean Wave

What you’re expected to do

  • List your selection of at least 10 different resources  in the order they are likely to appear in your documentary.
  • For each use of a resource you use you must also include a clear annotation, giving your rationale for its use and how it supports your main ideas.
  • You may use print and any audio or visual resources (cite these in as much detail as you can) to use as your B-roll
    In other words supporting evidence for the points you hope to make in your documentary film.
  • You should make a point to use extracts from one film from either Italian Neo-realism or one from the Nouvelle Vague, and your usage should be based on filmic issues rather than plot.

Remember For each resource you use you must also include a brief annotation explaining why it has been chosen and how it supports your ideas.

I’ve attached a powerpoint which may be a good starting point for your research into neo-realism, and this link to a criterion collection essay may be useful starting point for the Nouvelle vague.

Remember that Wikipedia (and to a lesser degree IMDB) are not acceptable sources for your IB research project (never cite either) but they are excellent places to begin. Look for the links on the Wikipedia and IMDB pages, or do further searches of the info you find there.