13 WEEK CREATIVE ART SUMMER SCHOOL in the Ardèche (South of France)

(Saturday 28 June – Saturday 19 July)

Following on from the last visual arts blog which pointed students in the direction of a one or two week summer school in Italy, I thought I’d tell you about a fantastic three week summer school in the South of France!

It’s March and summer might seem a long way away – but now is the time to consider what great – and in particular – creative things there are to do in the summer.

  • How does three weeks in the South of France sound?2
  • In a sun drenched hamlet nestling in the hills and valleys of the Ardèche, built for art making and architectural ideas?
  • With creative options including photography (both dark room and digital), painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, and a practical approach to architecture?
  • With a swimming pool and all meals/drinks included?

The link to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Visual Arts:

“The Les Tapies Arts & Architecture Program offers IB Visual Art students the opportunity to pursue intensive studio practice while working to maintain the Investigation Workbooks which are integral to the IB Visual Art experience.

 Those students who are about to enter their first year IB Course of Study, will work to build basic skills at Les Tapies, beginning with a grounding in the traditional elements & principles of design as they are applied in the study of the human figure, the landscape, architecture, the still-life, and the processes of abstraction. Working with the Les Tapies Art Library and on line, they also begin basic research on artists and art movements and their relevant social and historical contexts.

 For students entering their second year of IB Visual Art, the program provides the necessary framework for creating a positive momentum, building a solid portfolio, and establishing a strong foundation for their final year’s thematic investigations”.


You will stay in a beautifully restored 17th century hamlet in the Ardèche region of the South of France, where the quality of light and spectacular landscape has attracted master artists for generations.

You will be part of an international group of motivated, talented visual arts students led by passionate, dedicated, experienced teachers, who are themselves practicing artists.

You will go on excursions and field trips, introducing you to the natural beauty of the Ardèche and the architectural and artistic treasures for which Southern France is widely renowned.

You will come away with a suntan, an enhanced portfolio full of three weeks of creative outpourings, a new set of friends, and some very happy memories.4

For information and a downloadable brochure, visit the website http://summer.tasis.com/page.cfm?p=3

Whether you are already involved in the visual arts programme or will be starting it in August or September, this is a great CREATIVE opportunity!

If you have questions or comments contact [email protected]

Images from http://summer.tasis.com/page.cfm?p=3