A recent exchange with Greg (see the comments following my last blog) has inspired me to give a bit of publicity to a related online resource – a small video of the digital upload process which appears as part of the 2012 IB Conference if the Americas

There is a visual arts upload demonstration. There seems to be no sound, and it’s fairly low-res, but it might be helpful for those still struggling to anticipate the problems and issues that might occur when they start the upload process.

Other questions and concerns


Can we include videos of sculptures in studio work slots?

Yes, providing the file size is within the 1MB limit and is in one of the ‘IB approved’ video formats (e.g. ‘MOV’)

Do we have to submit everything for each candidate’s uploads in one go?

The OCC Forum Facilitator has written that you can queue the work for upload at any time, remove, replace, whatever you like. You “can only upload to submit it to the IB once per candidate, but the coursework portfolio can be gradually added one piece at a time ahead of that.

As long as the material has been stored in an organized fashion, then it takes just minutes to queue each one to be uploaded for electronic submission”