The wonders of design and technology – is that innovation can be led to technical changes and development or the absolutely opposite a simple idea and discontent with a product in a sustainable and ethical world. What am I talking about – well let us look at two designs for further inspiration for your upcoming projects in Design and Technology :-

  1. The Titan Arm – which last year won the Dyson Award is an excellent example showing how continued technical development in the world of exoskeletons in terms of material use and sensor and motor design. Go to the award website for some great design drawings – which shows a great way for you to show your designs graphically in your project designs.
  2. Completely different to the above innovation is the idea of DIY shoes? Why DIY shoes – well think of the problem laterally – what is the problem with even cheap shoes manufactured around the world – take for example the flip flop…
  1. Materials are unsustainable
  2. Cost money and manufacturing requires expensive equipment
  3. Not links with local labour markets
  4. When the shoes break/fail have to go through the process of buying again
  5. …. and the list goes on

Well the KLEM project is there to enable Malawians to take control, and make and create their own shoes. It is a fabulous project – and the following site gives ideas of how they have done research considered the product life cycle etc. You can utilise the ideas and way they have produced these design sheets in your projects 🙂

So again great design, great inspiration can come from many sources…