Some aspects of the revised Biology Diploma course for 2015+ have not changed, yet as you would presumably anticipate, other aspects  have significant changes.

The syllabus content structure (organisation)  is the same:

there exists a core component / AHL component, Group 4 (though no longer assessed via Personal skills) and option material together with an internal assessment component.

Though, students now only study one Option and both SL and HL have the same choices:



Ecology and conservation

Human Physiology

The new syllabus gives focus to teaching and learning aspects of biology as one would expect, including suggestions linking ToK and International mindedness. Thats not really anything new.

However, the nature of science concept is included within each element of the syllabus and this most definitely is new

The new syllabus also contains links to Group 4 aims as well (Again, not really new).

One significant change to the syllabus is the incorporation of practical experiences that can be assessed on the final examination. There are six in the core and one in the AHL.

And finally, came across this great website that posts videos for many many topics of the syllabus. There are so many out there I know, but what made this stand out was the quality of the videos and how useful I found them

and I also found this one (though not so good)