Surfing the net often results in stumbling across an interesting graphic which on first appearance you think this is good to spark class discussion. The ’10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication’ is one such graphic.

On close examination, do you actually agree on the order?  I do not. It also leads to consider, what would be the order if we ask different questions instead of intimacy? Questions such as what is the order for: better understanding? collaboration on a school project? developing a genuine friendship? Getting young adults need to realize the merits and impacts of the various  modes of communication as they increasingly spend more hours online on social media sites is important. The question is what mode of communication is best for which purpose. It is not always the same order.

It would be an interesting experiment to cut the images up into cards, divide students in groups and see how they would arrange the order for intimacy of communication, promoting understanding, collaboration on a project and developing a friendship.