Carrier IQ (CIQ) has been secretly used with smart phones by manufacturers and carriers without owners’ knowledge. This piece of code can record about  person’s location, keystrokes and websites visited. For full article visit “US senator calls for answers on phone ‘snooping’ “. An ‘opt-out’ option for the end-user has not been provided.

The questions are just beginning to emerge – Which types of smart phones have Carrier IQ? How is the data collected? Where is the data stored? Who has access to the data? How is it being used? How to know if my cell phone has Carrier IQ installed? What are the consequences if Carrier IQ is removed or not removed?

Some breaking news in ITGS are simply “one-off” events and others provide the opportunity to track how the story develops over a period of time. Carrier IQ certainly allows for students to investigate a wide range of impacts on stakeholders as the story unfolds. This is also one of those stories where ITGS  students may need to make informed decisions about how they use their own smart phones.

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