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ExamMid-IB Course

Mid-IB Live Stream

Revision Course

11th – 29th July 2022

US$548 per subject

Our online Mid-IB Revision Course is designed to consolidate your knowledge and give you a solid foundation for the final year of your IB Diploma. We’ve hand-picked expert IB teachers to build your knowledge and boost your confidence.

The Subjects

Helping you consolidate what you learned in the first year of the IB Diploma Programme.

With a maximum of 6 students in each class, our online Mid-IB courses deliver 12.5 hours per subject over 5 days, in the morning or afternoon GMT (UK time) sessions. You are able to complete two subjects in one week.

Our experienced teachers are familiar with the key topics and what students usually struggle with the most. To ensure you are getting the most out of your courses:

  • We provide a pre-course questionnaire for you to fill out to let your OSC teacher know which areas for you are a priority.
  • On Wednesday evening, you can pop into your teacher’s Office Hour if you need extra help or if you want to talk about something that there isn’t time for in class.

The Course

100% Digital. 100% OSC.


Study up to 6 different subjects, over 3 weeks.


Get free access to the OSC Study app, to support you throughout your final year of your IBDP – it features thousands of practice questions, OSC revision guides, and videos in more than 11 IB Diploma subjects.


Each course delivers 12.5 hours of tuition, in morning or afternoon sessions split over five days.


Teachers are available for an additional Office Hour every Wednesday, allowing you to drop-in and make even more of their expertise.


A pre-course questionnaire allows your teacher to tailor the course to your needs.


Our teachers are hand-picked for their experience and expertise, and most of them are examiners. MEET THEM


Set and reviewed homework for private study outside class.


Access class notes and other valuable resources before, during and after your course.


Support staff will be on hand during the course to assist with any technical issues that you may have.

Subject Schedule

Mid-IB Subject

Week 1

11 - 15 July

Week 2

18 - 22 July

Week 3

25 - 29 July







Biology HL
Biology SL
Business Management HL/SL
Chemistry HL
Chemistry SL
Economics HL
English A: Lang. and Lit.
English A: Literature
Geography HL/SL
History HL/SL
Maths AA HL
Maths AA SL
Maths AI HL
Maths AI SL
Physics HL
Psychology HL/SL

Daily Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 - 11:30 Morning subject with a 30 min break Additional topic
13:00 - 15:30 Afternoon subject with a 30 min breakAdditional topic

How it Works

An easy process tailored to you.


Registration and Deposit

In one go, you'll create an account, select the subjects you want to attend, and share basic information on needs and goals. To confirm your place, we'll collect a US$150 deposit.


Confirmation and Full Payment

Now we'll check whether your subject selection works in terms of timing and vacancy. We'll send a confirmation email to confirm your subjects and request full payment.


Pre-Course Questionnaire and Start

By filling out your pre-course questionnaire, you're helping us make each course as effective as possible. We're excited to welcome you shortly after, where you'll be grouped with students based on similar needs and goals.

You kept me motivated throughout the sessions and helped me realise that visualising and drawing a graph can help with lots of questions that seem much harder. (Mathematics AA SL)
Your explanations are so helpful and allow me to understand physics better, even though it is a subject where you never know everything. (Physics HL)
The organized and structured lessons helped me to prepare for the day and prepare any questions. (Geography HL)
The explanations and material really helped me understand the subject more and what I have to do. (Mathematics AI SL)
Great use of technology (overhanging camera to film the drawings and notes)! Very comprehensible explanations. Great balance between exercises and explanations. (Biology HL)
I really enjoyed the lessons and going through the questions step by step, breaking them down, really helped me to fully understand the steps that have to be taken in order to achieve maximum marks. (Mathematics AA SL)
Thank you very much for your help in explaining everything coherently and setting reasonable homework deadlines. This revision session has helped me a lot. (Geography HL)
Thank you so much for this study week. It has reassured me that I can do well on paper 2 and helped me understand how I can study more effectively. (Biology HL)

Top FAQs

In case you missed anything.

I’m an SL student, but the subject is only available for HL. Can I attend?

Unfortunately due to the difference in the syllabus, SL students will not be able to attend HL subjects and vice versa.

I’m an IBCP student, can I attend?

Yes, we welcome IBCP and IBDP students on our courses.

I’m just starting my IBDP, can I still attend?

Our Mid-IB courses are designed for students who have finished the first year of their IBDP, to help consolidate their subject-specific knowledge before they embark on the run up to their final exams. If you are looking to prepare for your first year of IBDP please see our Pre-IB courses.

I don’t live in Europe, can I still attend?

Absolutely! As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you are welcome to join our Mid-IB course.

Please note, all classes are taught in GMT (London time) hours so please take that into consideration when registering.

Who are the OSC teachers?

Our teachers are experienced teachers from top IB schools around the world. Most are also examiners – in our 2015 revision courses 93% were examiners for the IB.

Our teachers go through a strict and thorough recruitment process, and a mentoring programme if they are new to OSC.

I would like to sign up for two subjects. How long will the course be?

Each course delivers 12.5 hours of tuition taught over five days. As each subject is taught in either morning or afternoon sessions, you can study two at a time. Alternatively, you can study one in Week 1, and another in Week 2.

Can I study a subject twice during the Mid-IB course?

As long as we can guarantee a different teacher, you can study a subject twice, in the same level. This will mean that you may gain the benefit of experiencing two different approaches to the subject.

How many students are in each class?

On all our online courses,, we ensure that there is a maximum of six students per class. This allows our students to have more one-on-one time with their teachers.

Need extra help?

Which course is right for you?

Make sure to compare the IB Exam Course with our Pre-IB and Mid-IB courses if you’re unsure which course is best for you.

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