IB ExamLive Stream - April
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ExamIB Exam Revision Course

Live Stream – April

4 – 15 April, 2022

USD $708 per subject

After a successful first year of hosting our Live Stream IB Exam Revision Courses for both May and November exam students, we are delighted to offer this option for May 2022 IB students!

Our Live Stream courses allow you to join our expert educators and other dedicated IBDP students for an intensely focused learning experience online, from the comfort of your home. You’ll have a better understanding of the subject and what examiners are looking for. In the weeks before your exams, it’s a big advantage to have expert help focusing your revision.

The Subjects

Covering what’s needed for exam success.

With 17 IBDP subjects available, choose up to 2 subjects per 5 day course interval. Each subject is taught for a total of 15 hours, divided into 3 hour sessions per day, either in the morning or afternoon (GMT). You will also be able to meet with your teacher during their twice-weekly evening “office hour” to help clarify concepts or exam strategies and give you the chance to ask more questions.

Taught by leading IB teachers, we’ll review the main concepts, key exam strategies and the areas you need help with most, helping you gain the grades you deserve.

The subject you’re looking for isn’t listed? We’re expanding subject coverage continuously as demand changes.

The Course

100% Digital. 100% OSC.


Each subject is taught for 15 hours stretching over 5 days (morning or afternoon GMT).


Benefit from 1 or 2 subject(s) per 5-day course interval.


Two 5-day course intervals let you benefit from up to 4 subjects.


A pre-course questionnaire tailors the course to your needs and goals.


All subjects are taught by teachers and examiners from top IB World Schools. MEET THEM


Smaller online class sizes with a maximum of 6 students allows you to benefit from a personalised experience, just like our at-location courses.


Get answers to your questions during and after class. Your teacher can incorporate them into the live class or afterwards on the class message forum.


Additional live “office hour” twice each week gives you extra time to clarify concepts or exam strategies with your teacher.


Homework is set each day to reinforce your understanding and make the most of live class time.


Access class notes and other resources via our ManageBac platform – before, during and after the course.

Subject Course 1 AM Course 1 PM Course 2 AM Course 2 PM
Biology HL
Biology SL
Business Management HL
Business Management SL
Chemistry HL
Chemistry SL
Computer Science HL
Economics HL
English A: Language & Literature HL/SL
English A: Literature HL/SL
Environmental Systems & Societies SL
French B HL/SL
Geography HL
History HL/SL
Maths Analysis and Approaches HL
Maths Analysis and Approaches SL
Maths Applications and Interpretation HL
Maths Applications and Interpretation SL
Physics HL
Physics SL
Psychology HL/SL
Spanish Ab Initio SL
Spanish B HL/SL

How it Works

An easy process tailored to you.


Registration and Deposit

In one go, you'll create an account, select the subjects you want to attend, and share basic information on needs and goals. To confirm your place, we'll collect a US$150 deposit.


Confirmation and Full Payment

Now we'll check whether your subject selection works in terms of timing and vacancy. We'll send a confirmation email to confirm your subjects and request full payment.


Pre-Course Questionnaire and Start

By filling out your pre-course questionnaire, you're helping us make each course as effective as possible. We're excited to welcome you shortly after, where you'll be grouped with students based on similar needs and goals.


OSC IB Exam Revision Course – Live Stream

I would like to say thank you very much once more for this amazing revision course. We really went through all aspects of the course that I had hoped for, and it was extremely beneficial for me and my studying. I will definitely recommend this course to other people, as it was amazing.

Top FAQs

In case you missed anything.

I don’t have a webcam - is this a problem?

Not at all. We only encourage the teacher to use their webcam, students can choose whether to have their cameras on or off.

I’m not based in the UK, can I still take part in the Live Stream course?
Yes of course but please note the course will take place on London time (GMT) so you will need to adjust your hours accordingly. If you are based in Asia or Africa, we recommend you choose your subjects in the morning sessions. And if you are in North or South America, we recommend you choose your subjects in the afternoon sessions.
I’m a SL student, but the subject is only on offer for HL. Can I attend?
Unfortunately due to the difference in the syllabus, SL students will not be able to attend HL subjects and vice versa.
I’m an IBCP student, can I attend?
Yes, we welcome IBCP and IBDP students on our courses.
I’m in my first year of IBDP, can I attend?

The IB Exam Courses are suitable for those in their second year of IBDP as its designed to provide support for your final exams at the end of Year 2. If you are looking to prepare for your second year of IBDP please see our Mid-IB courses. If you are looking to prepare for your first year of IBDP please see our Pre-IB courses.

Who are the OSC teachers?
Our teachers are experienced teachers from top IB schools around the world. Many are also examiners – in our 2015 revision courses 93% were examiners for the IB.

Our teachers go through a strict and thorough recruitment process, and a mentoring programme if they are new to OSC.

I would like to sign up for 2 subjects. How long will the course be?

Each subject is taught for a total of 15 hours, divided into 3 hour sessions per day, either in the morning or afternoon GMT. If you would like to take 2 subjects, we recommend doing this over 10 days to limit your screen time. However, if you would prefer to take 2 subjects in 5 days, please state your preference in the booking process and we will try our best to schedule this for you.

The maximum number of subjects you can take is 4 which equates to learning 2 subjects per week, each for 3 hours a day. For 4 subjects the entire length of the course is 10 days.

Can I study a subject twice during the IB Exam Revision Course?

As long as we can guarantee a different teacher, you can study a subject twice, in the same level. This will mean that you may gain the benefit of experiencing 2 different approaches to the subject

How many students are in each class?

On our Live Stream courses, we ensure that there is a maximum of 6 students per class. This allows our students to have more one-on-one time with their teachers.

Need extra help?

Other IB Exam Revision Courses

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Which exam revision course is right for you?

Make sure to compare the IB Exam Revision Course with our Pre-IB and Mid-IB courses if you’re unsure which course is best for you.

Compare Courses

Do you have other questions?

COVID-19 Adapted

Feel safe so that you can focus on what counts.

We've been implementing a range of measures to offer you COVID-19 adapted at location courses, guaranteeing you a worry-free and safe experience. We’ve handpicked the locations that allow us to put into practice all of the following measures:

Social Distancing

We have optimised every inch of space in our classrooms, common areas and offices to ensure that everyone has the space to work comfortably and safely.

Staggered Class Times

Our classes run on different schedules throughout the day, to reduce footfall in common areas and to avoid any crowding or queues before class, during breaks and at the end of the day.

Face Coverings

Every member of staff and all of our students are required to wear face coverings at all times, unless they are seated at their designated work stations.

Temperature Checks on Arrival

Every individual who enters the venue is required to check in and have their temperature taken and contact details recorded. Daily temperature checks provide an added line of defence to our staff and students while on course.
Duncan McCulloch

Duncan McCulloch

Geography and ESS teacher at:International School of Brussels, Belgium

Joe Gauci

Joe Gauci

History teacher at:Malvern College, UK

Margarita Mechkova

Margarita Mechkova

Chemistry teacher at:Heidelberg International School, Germany

Pat Roby

Pat Roby

Maths and Physics teacher at:International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland

Surita Devi Nair

Surita Devi Nair

Maths teacher at:Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet, Sweden

About me

"Having been involved in either studying or teaching geography all of this century I am both fascinated and concerned about the changing dynamics of the planet we live on. As the subject has evolved, so has my passion. Whether it be environmental sustainability, demographic transition or how to respond to global pandemics, it continues to be the most relevant subject for encapsulating contemporary affairs."


How many years have you taught with OSC?

6 years

What do you enjoy about teaching with OSC?

The whole experience! There is a fantastic base of in-house OSC staff who make sure everything runs smoothly and I have the opportunity to work with great teachers and highly motivated students from all over the world.

What is your best tip for revising for exams?

For geography a top tip is to combine your case-studies wherever possible. For example, your 'detailed example' of a country with uneven population distribution could also be used as your 'case-study' of a country benefitting from a demographic dividend.

About me

"I love trying to reconstruct the past, looking for insights into what made and makes men and women tick, and discussing with students and colleagues the array of different perspectives from which our human experience can be viewed."


How many years have you taught with OSC?

26 years

What do you enjoy about teaching with OSC?

I love the buzz of the revision courses and the mix of students and tutors from across the IB world community.

What is your best tip for revising for exams?

Start early and keep your revision active.

About me

"I love Chemistry and its concepts, which successfully explain life. The two most important ones are attraction (in chemical bonding) and competition (in rates of reaction and in many other areas of chemistry.)"


How many years have you taught with OSC?

14 years

What do you enjoy about teaching with OSC?

The highly intellectual talks with colleagues and students. OSC is more than Professional Development for me; it is an invaluable experience.

What is your best tip for revising for exams?

Mind maps, peer teaching, past papers questions practice, asking experts and of course attending OSC IB Exam Courses.

About me

"I love teaching because it must be one of the only vocations where you can use pretty well all the skills and knowledge you have picked up throughout your life, and - even better - you (almost always!) have an appreciative audience."


How many years have you taught with OSC?

21 years

What do you enjoy about teaching with OSC?

It gives me a strong injection of internationalism - you could say I'm addicted!

What is your best tip for revising for exams?

Quality is as or more important as quantity: get the most out of every question you practise. Don't just answer a bunch of questions. Use them to practise speed, technique, concepts... Use up every drop of one question paper before you start another.

About me

"The reason I love maths is that it there is no fuzzy logic; the answer is either right or wrong. Getting the answer to a challenging question is such a satisfying feeling!"


How many years have you taught with OSC?

9 years

What do you enjoy about teaching with OSC?

What I enjoy most is the students; they are so enthusiastic and eager to learn! Also, not to forget the great colleagues that I work with there. It is such a positive place to be!

What is your best tip for revising for exams?

Two tips: Do maths at least one hour a day; work with past IB examination questions and always use the formula booklet. Be very familiar with your GDC.