What you say is equally important to how you say it in your Individual Oral Presentation.  However, you want to be very sure that the second element–how you present what you have to say–gets ample consideration and practice.

There is a separate and important criterion for assessing your Oral Presentation, and there are only 3 criteria for this assessment,(the others are knowledge and understanding of your text[s] and language) so it matters that you do well in each.

Criterion B–‘Presentation’ addresses two things:

‘How much attention has been given to making the delivery effective and appropriate to the presentation?’

‘To what extent are the strategies used to interest the audience (for example, audibility, eye contact, gesture, effective use of supporting material)?  Note that ‘supporting material’ is only one element, the last, and that the previous ones have to do with you as a person presenting your ideas.

One of the big temptations here is to decide to amaze and engage your audience with technological fireworks, BUT this activity is really about you as a speaker, not an impressive mastery of powerpoints, prezis, acoustic inventions and the like.

So the message is, come up with interesting material to talk about, rehearse it, speak clearly, use eye contact and gesture, and then, see what will support you in delivering your ideas and opinions.  This is about you as a speaker, not as a tech whiz.  And good luck; this is an assessment where you have a great deal of control over the outcome: use it.