Hello teachers!

Well, the final version of our new visual arts guide has finally been published, and can be found on the OCC.

To save you the trouble of carefully reading and comparing the ‘Pre-publication’ version and the new final version to see if there are any changes, I can tell you that there is one significant difference between the pre-pub and the final: in the assessment critereia, to be precise the EXHIBITION CRITERIA

In the OLD Pre-publication guide

Part 3: Exhibition OLD VERSION SL marks SL total HL marks HL total
A Selection and application of materials 9 30 9 30
B Technical skills 9 9
C Realization of function, meaning and purpose 9 9
D Curatorial practice 3 3


In the NEW final guide

Part 3: Exhibition NEW VERSION SL marks SL total HL marks HL total
A Coherent body of works 9 30 9 30
B Technical competence 9 9
C Conceptual qualities 9 9
D Curatorial practice 3 3


These changes are also reflected, of course, in the markband descriptors for each criterion.

I expect that some teachers may have already started thinking about some aspects of the exhibition criteria, and even discussing what it all means, so for them these differences may mean (possibly) a little re-writing and/or re-thinking.

Then again it was called the pre-publication guide because that is exactly what it was, and changes were always a possibility.

To be clear: I am not aware of any other changes but there may well be some.

Either way the best thing to do now is to discard any versions of the pre-pub guide and forget the old “selection and application of materials” and “realization of function, meaning and purpose” etc (both were a little too verbose anyway) – and embrace the new more succinct versions!

We now have our official and final 2016 visual arts bible, and (for many of us) have about six months – before those eager and fresh-faced students are hammering delightfully at the art room door – to work out what we – and equally or even more importantly they – will do.

Good luck!