A) The new six step programme

The latest word from the IB relating to the upcoming digital upload has a reassuring ‘keep calm and carry on’ feel  to it, beneath the title, ”What do you need to do?”

So – keep calm, take a deep breathe and

1)   Remain engaged on the subject forum of the OCC and IBIS for details about the test upload and re-submission; and familiarise yourself with the procedure in advance.

2)   Download and read the teacher guidance materials, which include helpful video examples of the student interview on the OCC

3)   Remain updated by visiting the OCC subject page and teacher forum as well as IBIS – to view the latest user guides and videos showing the upload system in operation.

4)   Assess HLA/SLA students’ selected investigation workbook pages or HLB/SLB students’ selected studio work evidence when marking the internally assessed component in advance of the April 10 deadline.

5)   Consider all elements of each student’s work to predict the individual student grades in advance of the April 10 deadline.

6)   Upload all students’ selected Visual arts work and submit it to the IB by 10 April.

B) The CRB

In the last few days I have also received three emails from different art teachers in different parts of the world asking if they should still expect to receive the usual delivery of Candidate Record Booklets from the IB.


The CRB will not be sent to any schools. (For a trip down memory lane go here)

It has been replaced by the ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION AND UPLOAD .

C) The Dedicated Helpdesk

If problems crop up when you have started the electronic submission of work contact the dedicated help desk for Visual Arts submissions:

[email protected]

D) The requirements of the digital upload

Finally, even if you decide not to bother with the interview you will still have to upload something. At the moment, the video/audio file for the interview is a compulsory field in  the upload process, so you must upload something in one of the allowed formats in order to be able to submit the files for examination.

So you could upload a file that simply had a candidate saying that they are choosing not to submit an interview.

You would need to do a different video or audio for each student, as the software that is used will not allow the same file to be uploaded more than once.

(Thanks to Jayson Paterson for this reminder)