My last two posts were reflections on some of the things that happened during visual arts Grade Award meetings in Cardiff (Wales).

The Grade Award meetings are also where ‘adverse circumstances’ are considered.

The D2 form (for ‘candidates affected by adverse circumstances and/or a temporary medical condition‘)  is available to teachers (through their DP Coordinator) if something has happened, for example, to a candidate’s studio work or investigation workbook that means he/she will be placed in an unfair position when it is time to have work assessed.

So if work is accidentally thrown out by the school cleaners, or if the workbook was in a bag that was stolen, these are examples of adverse circumstances, and the senior examiners at the Grade Award meetings will review and consider the implications of each candidate.

In any case it’s good practice to take photographs of studio work once its finished and to copy workbook pages every so often so that – if the studio work and/or workbook vanishes – there is at least a record of what these things looked like.

Photos taken in Cardiff during Grade Award.