Many students choose to write their Extended Essay in Economics. The Extended Essay is one of the most challenging and exciting parts of the IB Diploma study. Students often feel frustrated by the various aspects of the Extended Essay but there are many useful resources that they could check. One of those valuable resources is linked here. I would like to emphasize that my students’ works that scored high in the Economics Extended Essay category over the years have had the following common characteristics:

* a very narrowly defined research question,

* a range of primary data, processed and presented in a suitable format and integrated in the body,

* supporting secondary data or secondary data that allows the primary data to be checked against,

* well-integrated data in the economic theories used in the essay,

* critical evaluation of the resources used- both primary and secondary,

This list is in no way exhaustive. My experience as a supervisor of EE in Economics has shown that students who want to write EE in Economics should master some skills in primary data collection and here are some samples of research questions and sampling methods.