Simply some great video resources linked below that can be used to inspire students and teachers either by viewing clips in the classroom, or alternatively doing as flipped classroom tasks and questions outside of the classroom : –

  • A great video looking at why designers are so inspired to create and innovative with new products – with some great quotes regarding why they do what they do –

    “To Ive, it’s an illness.”

    “To others, it’s desire.”

  • The Real Engineering series on Youtube digs deeper into some of those amazing design challenges and how they were overcome. Check out this one regarding the Burj, still the worlds tallest building.

  • A great video on innovation of hardware that is wrapped up with the coding, applications and artificial intelligence that are all part of product design in 2017. This video is inspirational in that it shows start up companies playing with, innovating on the design of new products and ideas … Shenzen – The Silicon Valley of Hardware Design.