The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a regular attendee of OSC’s IB University Fairs and we are delighted to have them provide us with their insight into the application process.

At UEA, we think the IB is an ideal preparation for University and admit hundreds of IB students onto our courses each year. Students who have taken the IB are well prepared for university level study – the experience associated with researching and writing an extended essay is a great taster of how students will be working when they get to university. Students who have completed this really stand out and it’s a great piece of work to talk about in a personal statement. The broader activities that students take part in as part of their CAS also help demonstrate their ability as well-rounded individuals, managing time effectively for both academic work and other extra and super-curricula activities.


Most courses at UEA take a modular approach with a broad first year and specialist modules in years 2 and 3. The flexible, modular approach, is popular with IB leavers who can enjoy keeping a variety of options open and finding a pathway that is right for them – whether keeping a holistic approach to a subject or undertaking a narrower and specialist path. We also know that IB students are world citizens and so offer study abroad options on many of our degree courses allowing students to spend part of their time studying with one of our European partners, or in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand or the US. Typical requirements for most of our courses are a total points score of 32-34, often with a HL6 in the subject you will be studying at university. The breadth and depth that the IB offers, gives holders of the diploma a great platform for university study that they can build upon and the independence in their studying is ideal preparation for their degree. At UEA, we are always pleased to receive applications from IB students.

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