Bournemouth University is a regular attendee of OSC’s IB University Fairs and we are delighted to have them provide us with their insight into the application process.

Bournemouth University (BU) has welcomed students with the International Baccalaureate Diploma for many years now and we find that these students are typically of a very high calibre and well-versed in the approach to higher education here in the UK; and of course, in the English language itself, a significant advantage – academically and socially – for these students over those who are new to studying in the medium of English.


Our requirements from IBDP students range from 28 to 34 points and we receive around 40 applications a year from IB students across a wide range of our subject areas – a range which has grown along with the breadth of the IB itself over the years. The IB Diploma’s balance of theory, practice and real-world context suits our own approach here at BU very well indeed and students from an IB background will often find their feet here at BU more quickly and easily than others do. We are also excited about the prospect of more career-focused learning routes through the recent introduction of the IB Career-related Programme, which promises even closer alignment to the approach taken by modern UK institutions like BU.

OSC offer a University Tour in the UK and US, by attending you can gain expert help and advice on university applications and choices from experienced College Counsellors and university admissions staff. Find out more here.