The team here at Triple A Learning is passionate about putting our mission statement into practice and developing communities to support the delivery of the IB programme and its ethos and philosophy. As part of that process of support we have set up our free subject blogs and are developing a wide range of practical teaching materials for use in the classroom.

Triple A Learning BACCpacks are ideal for use on an individual computer with a projector, on an interactive whiteboard or on an intranet, a Virtual Learning Environment or even on CD’s for use with students.

BACCpacks offer various materials, including (where relevant):

  • IB topic notes, mind maps, quizzes, glossaries and assignments
  • Images and embedded videos
  • Web links to relevant good quality web-based materials
  • Games and activities

BACCpacks are highly cost-effective. One pack will buy you school-wide use for as many students as you wish – permanently.

On the Triple A learning website there is a general demonstration of what a BACCpack is and also subject-specific demonstrations, such as that for Business & Management BACCpacks. BACCpacks are:

  • Dynamic, interactive and engaging, with a range of student activities
  • Suitable for group learning and independent study
  • Consistent with all learning styles and ideal for use on Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)
  • Matched, where relevant, directly to IB subject guides
  • Fun and different

The range of BACCpacks is growing all the time, so please keep an eye on our site.

In addition to our subject specific packs, we offer school-wide resources. Our present featured resource is our MUN BACCpack; an ideal support resource for anyone running, thinking of running or participating in a Model United Nations Conference. The pack is full of helpful advice, images, support, downloadable resources and links to relevant further information.