I was recently pointed to this video about a time management tool. Although the model has some weaknesses, I think it would be a useful starting point for students about to undertake their internal assessment or extended essay in Business and Management (especially for your procrastinators). It needs following up, getting your students to identify and prioritise tasks in terms of importance and urgency (although I believe there is a continuum, which is not accounted for in the model) and then setting deadlines, especially for quadrant 2 activities. The model also has a general link to HRM issues, such as productivity and effectiveness of workforces. It would be a good time to introduce the concepts of mind mapping if you have not already done so – another effective planning and time management tool.

 The Stephen Covey video also reminded me of the following ‘Tales of Mere existence’ video which would complement the time management model. It always reminds me of some of my most ‘interesting’ students… and my son. Of course watching YouTube videos could be another useful procrastination, although there also other videos on avoiding this problem  – not sure this approach would necessarily work!