This week I thought I would focus on sulfur and its smelly compounds. However, todays posting will focus on an introduction to the element.

Sulfur, S, atomic number 16 is found in group 6 of the periodic table. In its elemental state, it forms S8 and is yellow in colour.

In nature, it is found in its elemental forms (it is mined from around volcanoes) and as sulfites and sulfates (sulfates also have oxygen present).

It can act as an oxidising or a reducing agent.

Sulfur is essential for life and can be found in some amino acids, where it can help to form sulfur bridges between other sulfur containing amino acids. This helps form the tertiary structure of proteins.

It has many roles in society from the production of gunpowder and fertilizers to its use in sulfuric acid. It also forms smelly substances!

Tomorrow, I will start posting some more specific studies on these smelly compounds that sulfur produces.