I am going to continue the ICT trend from last week with a second useful site I have found. This is Quia.http://www.quia.com/


The site also has informative videos

For some time I have wanted an online question bank to post questions and have students review material, to some degree, throughout the year and especially DP2.

So this weekend I have been busy setting up a series of multiple choice questions and uploading my student names. Its taken a bit of time but I believe its worth while.

The data analysis should allow for thorough “assessment FOR learning” as well as “assessment OF learning” (the new buzz words in assessment?).

I have so far sent out a trial quiz to my Grade 11 students. Using the preferences I have set how long they have to complete the quiz, prevented them from copying the questions, allowed them only one attempt per question etc

I can also pull quizzes and other activities that others have created from the web.

Worth a look