digital-upload-questionnaireThe results of the visual arts digital upload questionnaire are now out – over a thousand of us responded, and a massive 57% (503 teachers) have volunteered to participate in further consultations.

More than a quarter of the teachers who responded found the upload process ‘extremely difficult’.

At the opposite end, less than 1% actually found it ‘extremely easy’.

I’m in that ‘less than 1%’ group, having found the whole thing smooth and easy – each candidate’s work took 15 mines to upload, which was a little tedious, but there was nothing to it apart from lining up the file locations so that when the upload started they were accessible.

But for many – at least 270 art teachers – it was a frustrating, exasperating nightmare and we all hope that next time it will be better (it can hardly be worse!)

If you want to check out the full report, its on the OCC – go here.