Recently a “sensational” news article, “Homeless hotspots plan causes controversy for BBH ad agency” (BBC News Technology). On a first read it seems shocking. Even the news media picked up on the story

Project makes homeless a hotspot


However, this particular news story is a great opportunity to see to what extent our students really “think ITGS”. It excellent basis for ITGS class discussion so that the students can work through all parts of the ITGS Triangle by conducting additional research and analyzing:

  • Major stakesholders and their involvement
  • Explaining the scenario (Strand 2)
  • Investigating the IT Systems used (Strand 3)
  • Analyzing the social and ethical considerations (Strand 1) from a BALANCED point of view.

Some of the YouTube interviews below give a “balanced” point of view which is so necessary to develop in ITGS:

It would be interesting to know

  • what reactions ITGS students had at the beginning
  • if they thought of looking for a balanced point of view on their own
  • what “informed” judgements that students have at the end of the research and discussion.