What do you do on the Internet in a day?  How does what you do fit in with the rest of the world?

About one third of the world’s population (c. 2,500,000,000 people) is connected to the Internet.  You can see how that breaks down by geographic regions,  and some other interesting numbers at the World Internet Stats web site.

If you’re feeling lonely as you write your blog post, consider the other 2 million people who are also writing today.  Didn’t get through your emails?  Be glad you didn’t receive all  294 billion that were sent yesterday. Found a good YouTube video?  What about the other 864,000 hours of video that were uploaded yesterday? Have a look at the info-graphic below for other interesting numbers, and to see how these numbers translate into another media (For example, the 864,000 hours of video is equal to 98 years of non-stop watching!).

Created by: MBA Online

Thanks to Mashable for sending this to my attention

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