With the exceptions of those in the westernmost parts of the United States, Paper 1 is complete.  We will have to wait for 24 hours until we can see the exam, but the important thing is that you can move on to Paper 2.

Last minute revisions aside, I know that most of you  are seeking to maximize your time and so it is worth considering what you can do:

– timelines are really helpful to establish context and put events in order.  Even if you make a mistake in terms of the exact date, if you have everything in the proper order the examiner will be able to see that you have a good understanding of the chain of events

– tables are also really useful, especially for wars, democratic states, single party states and decolonization.  It gives you a point of ready reference and a good way to look at the similarities and differences in case you get a comparative question.

– review of the command terms.  You have been working with these for two school years but it is still worth going over the words that tell you what you are supposed to do with the material.

– review the regions.  As much as you hate it, the USSR is not part of Asia – it is part of Europe and the Middle East, as is Egypt.  Make sure that you have examples from 2 different regions.

Good luck tomorrow!