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This post is about the most popular visual arts issues as selected by you – i.e. as reflected by hits on the DP visual arts blog site. Out of more than 200 visual arts blogs since 2010 here are the teacher top ten: these may reflect the main issues and questions that interest teachers (or at least have been looked at most times)

My latest posts are NOT in this list because there has not yet been enough time for the thousands or hundreds of hits to happen.

It’s a fluid and fluctuating chart so it’s more of a snapshot, but looking at the numbers this is where we are now: the main DP visual arts areas that you – my teacher readership – have checked out.

LINKS to all sites are included below.



It’s also a reminder of the past in the sense of its relevance to the time/context it was posted. For example, the descriptors referred to in the 2013 “Do I Need to have a Theme?” post are from the old course rather than the current one, as is the discussion of the interview in The visual arts INTERVIEW. Please check the date of the post before complaining that the information is inaccurate – it will have been accurate at the time of posting.

The most recent top ten blog was posted February 2016 The Digital Upload: First Time For The New Course – What To Do!

The oldest top ten post (2010) describes my conversations in the 1970s with van Gogh’s amazing nephew in Amsterdam Conversations with Vincent van Gogh


Students vs Teachers

I normally write and post 2 blogs a month, and these are categorized as having a teacher or a student focus, although I suspect that the groups are interchangeable  – teachers read ‘student’ blogs and vice versa. This blog is about teacher favourites; ‘student favourites’ may well be the subject of a future blog.


What do we learn?11-968x735

  • At number 1 the most popular blog is a 2014 post about Life drawing.
  • …followed by an explanation of the examination upload process (number 2).
  • Third in the list is a post about assessment, and predicted grades.
  • Number 4 reflects your interest in the impact of the change from having a visiting examiner who did the interviewing to the teacher as interviewer
  • Inevitably the list reflects an interest in the ‘new’/current course – in the top ten list this relates to numbers 5 (differences between old and new course), 6 (digital upload), 8 (similarities between old and new) and 10 (the ‘double dipping’ issue)
  • Number 7 refers to an issue that seems to crop us quite frequently – the theme!
  • Almost at the end (number 9) is a memory from my student days – an account of conversations I had with van Gogh (the artist’s nephew, not the artist himself!)
  • Number 10 is about double-dipping. My understanding is that there may be some modification of the IB’s approach to this issue. I will post more when I hear more.


Please feel free to go back in time by clicking on the links!

1 THE SHOCK OF THE NUDE (in school) (2015 update) (2015)




3 Virtual Assessment, Contemporary Art – and Predicted Grades  (2015)


4 The visual arts INTERVIEW (2013)


5 COMPARING OLD AND NEW: 14 DIFFERENCES (part 1: today’s blog – the top 7) (2014)similarities-w-text-4-510x735


6 The Digital Upload: First Time For The New Course – What To Do! (2016)


7 Question: “DO I NEED TO HAVE A THEME?” (2013)


8 COMPARING OLD AND NEW: SIMILARITIES (Visual Arts courses) (2014)




10 Skinny dipping is fine. Double dipping is NOT. (2015)



  • I’m compiling a top ten student list – stay tuned!
  • Images come from listed visual arts blog posts