Hi teachers,

This is a quick post to remind you to always check the OCC – as Design Technology teachers and the IB are always posting useful items and resources there for you to utilise. I the last few months –

  • Information regarding the online submission and upload of Design Technology IA MAjor Projects from May 2017 –  A must read
  • Paul Clarke has taken on the role of Design Technology Deputy Curriculum Manager and has some really interesting discussion points he raises in recent posts. To quote him – “Over the last 2 years I have interviewed university students, staff as well large design practices and individual designers for their opinions of the current Guide. Most of them admire the intention of the theory, are amazed in fact that our students would be exposed to such topics and are genuinely excitied. However there is one area of the course that has disappointed universities and industry. There seems to be in the assesment process, and in the minds of the senior moderators, that creativity, concept, innovation and socially responsive design is either not important or they find it difficult to assess. The word “creativity” I believe, is not to be found in any of the IA support materials and clearly in my mind that is disappointing.” I find this fascinating and genuinely exciting that this is something that is being thought about. So please get involved in the conversation on the OCC!
  • There is some new exemplars of Design Technology Major Projects from the new syllabus to download – very useful.
  • And finally a great revision guide from John Zobrist to download – just a superb resource to utilise with your DP2 students.

So my advice don’t dismiss the OCC, and check regularly the more you get involved and share the better it will be.