In  just less than three weeks I’m mentoring two online ART workshops.

One runs for 4 weeks and is aimed at teachers new to the IBDP visual arts programme.

May 28 – June 25             4 week DP Visual Arts Online Workshop                                (Category 1)

The other lasts three weeks and is an exploration of how artists have used the art of others in creating their own art – we’ll be looking at and discussing such issues as appropriation, transcription and plagiarism.

The target audience will consist primarily of art teachers working with students aged 14 – 18 who are interested in
a)    how artists use the art of other artists – whether this is through copying, appropriation, transcription, or recontextualization; and
b)    how these ideas can enhance their teaching.

May 28 – June 17             3 week ‘Artists Using Art: looking at transcription and appropriation to enhance art teaching and learning’

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Image: student reworking of Hopper’s Nighthawks.