We must remember that we are not only biology teachers, we are also English teachers and ToK teachers to boot.

Incorporating ToK for some is a straightforward extension of the syllabus and for others either an uncomfortable add-on or full of time consuming complexity one would rather do without.

So to that end I would like to share this link, explore:


beep – Bioethics Education Project

Teaching science in the 21st century requires that we ensure students consider associated ethical issues in depth. BEEP is here to support students in learning to discuss these issues and teachers in planning lessons on them.


BEEP is also a research project; we aim to investigate whether online discussion can be used successfully to support school science teachers. Thus use of the website will be evaluated by researchers at the University of Bristol. Data on method of use and user opinion will be collected and documents and presentations may be published concerning the project. However, end user contribution will be anonymised so that no individual or school will be identifiable in such publications.