The world of design has opened up so much these days – some may say it is democratised as unlike 20 years ago to get a design from idea to manufacture does not need the agreement of a large company or venture capitalist? Why not – well just check out the many crowd-funding options out there as of now including Kickstarter and Indie GoGo where you place an idea and then ask people to buy or invest in small chunks.

Don’t think it works check out some of the following ideas well on their way to manufacture. Note this is also a great place to check out some innovative ideas to get your mind thinking about major projects that are feasible – could you push to have it manufactured by setting up your own Kickstarter project as a class or individual student?

  1. PUNGAS – 3D Printed Shoe Accessories – Simple but great ideas – and would be a fun project to do… unfortunately they only have $3000 of $15000 pledged why do you think this is the case?

  2. New, compact, step-driven vehicle. It’s your move! – Great idea for a new walking motion bike – so simple that it is amazing it has not been thought of before. Already fully funded – so only 10 days to go to invest and get one yourself!

  3. PostureME – This looks amazingly basic and rudimentary as a prototype but has received enough finding to be developed.

  4. The CoatHook — the Undercoat-Only Pet Comb – That tool every cat lover deserves – and 3D printed to… nearly funded.

  5. Bureo – Recycled Fishnet Skateboards for Cleaner Oceans – Great recycling idea – where fishnets are recycled and manufactured into Skateboards – have a look at how they manufacture.

What is most amazing the above search took me 5 minutes to find such interesting design technology products being invented! So make sure to check these sites out regularly and if you come up with a great idea in your major project – have a go at being kickstarted!