Ever found yourself having to teach the same thing over and over? How about error bars and standard deviation? I am forever forgetting how to do error bars through Excel.

Can I suggest Jing? Its a free screen capture application that gives you 5 minutes of video capture for any video you chose to make.  I recently used it to make a video narrating how to calculate SD from a data set on Excel and then construct a graph incorporating error bars that were customized for the individual data groups.

My students found it quite funny listening to me narrating as the cursor moved around the screen. I now have it posted on Blackboard in my Internal assessment folder of resources so that students can repeatedly refer to it as they write their labs. I cannot think of a platform that could do a better job, its not token IT. I plan to create more, the T-test being my next project.

The Jing website has all you need to get going but if you want more then check out the video below.