I hope that the build up to the exams is going well to all of my readers (that is to those of you sitting the exams in the May session!)

I have not made any posts for a few weeks as I was on my Easter vacation and I was also moving house – which was an amazingly time consuming process. Now school has started, expect my daily posts to resume!

I will be blogging about carbon monoxide and smelly sulfur compounds in the short term future but today, I wanted to bring your attention to the Sendai (or Tohuku) International School.

For many of us, the Japanese earthquake is a distant memory but for the people of Japan it is an event that they are still living with.

The Tohuku International School is situated in Sendai, which is very close to the epicentre of the earthquake.

The school has set up a scholarship scheme to help children whose families were affected by the earthquake. If your school raised funds (like many did) for Japan and is not sure where to donate the money, this could be a good avenue for you to explore.

You can read more here:


So, my friends, until tomorrow…..