I am sure that one of the technologies that has inspired you more than most as you are beginning or have been studying your IB Design Technology course is 3D printing.  It is the perfect example of technology push – where a specific technology leads to great innovation and in the next ten years will change the face of design, prototyping and manufacture. If you are lucky enough to have a 3D printer in school – then make sure to maximise its use within your projects. Why? You may ask – well if you are going into a career in design – whether that is shoe design, architecture, engineering or product design; I guarantee you now a large amount of your time will be spent utilising this technology to realise your ideas. Below are a some areas and links to resources that may inspire you – whether you have studies and already used a 3D printer or really want to have a go :-


And do remember even if your school does not have a 3D printer – there are now many services that will print your CAD files for you including Shapeways and i.Materialise. So you could for your Major Project produce ideas and designs and then send them to be printed. However be careful of some of the criteria which you may limit your grades unless you are careful especially – the Manipulative Skills?