Over on the Teacher side of this blog series, you’ll find a post by Barbara Stefanics with the same title as this one:  Expanding Your Web. We’ll be writing on both “sides” of this blog, for Teachers and for Students, about situations and scenarios, online services and apps, hardware and networks, social and ethical considerations which are pertinent for today’s internet user.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or deep in a cave, you’re aware of the history of the Internet and of the World Wide Web, even if only in a general sort of way.

You know that what’s on the web, and what you can do with it today is vastly more interesting and more complicated than it was 10, or even 5 years ago (or even last year!), and that this changing and evolving shows no signs of slowing. Since you’re reading this blog post, you have an Internet connection, and a device at your fingertips with which to receive, visualise, and we hope, interact with the data and media coming to you through your (World Wide) web.

Barbara and I hope that our posts here on OSC IB Blogs will help you expand your web through your productivity and creativity, collaboration and sharing. We hope you will sample the vast range of online tools that are available and the many ways of using desktop systems and mobile technologies to access them, and that some of them will find their way into your collection of favourite web tools. And we hope that what you read here about the social and ethical dimensions of your web will be helpful.

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