There are a number of good ICT exercises to be found on the OCC.

However, the following exercise has recently been brought to my attention and I think it is particularly good.

Click on this link.

A new window should open and a load of text appear on your screen.

Right click on the text and save it as ‘elements.csv’ – you will have to add the ‘.csv’ extension yourself.

You should now see the saved file looking something like this:

When you open it up you should be able to see a spread sheet with the data inside it.

You can now ask your students to manipulate any pieces of this data that you wish (draw graphs, explain trends, etc).

This should be sufficient to cover ICT aim 3 (spreadsheets).

Acknowledgements need to go Dr Peter Cattermole, Winchester College who put together the .csv file, and whose idea this was originally. This file can also be viewed at: