The brain’s capacity is unlimited, if only you use it correctly (Credit: Getty Images)

What is the easiest way to learn? David Robson meets a group of scientists and memory champions competing to find techniques that make facts stick… fast.

As exam season is upon us and the Grade 12 exams are soon to begin, I thought you might be interested in “how to learn with zero effort”.

I was recently reading an article at BBC that discussed such a topic. The article discusses ways of memorizing material and making connections between words and images. It discusses four themes.

1) Embracing ignorance

2) Surfing the memory’s waves.

3) Buffet studying.

4) Story-telling

After reading you are interested in taking it further, check out the following and work through some of the exercises there. The project (Memrise) also offers  an app so you can be testing yourself on the go. It gives feedback and scores you so that there is motivational element too.

An advert from Memrise – learning to say “I love you” in a 100 languages

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