Greetings DP Music colleagues!
I hope this post finds everyone well.
I am working on an assessment in the DP workshop at the moment and would like to share some general thoughts about assessing for learning in DP Music. When we assess for understanding we are engaging students in an authentic task and look for ways to consistently and systematically provide specific feedback to each student. The size of the class and the length of the class impact the degree to which teachers are able to provide consistent, systematic and consistent feedback.
When we consider authentic tasks in DP Music, we select from the outcomes of the course: listening paper, musical links investigation, creations and performances. Take, for instance, the listening paper. In this assessment, we have a goal where students need to be able to think independently and creatively in a controlled timed environment. I will leave you with a few questions that will be addressed in future posts. How do we structure learning experiences in the class where we put students in these thinking situations? How do we structure learning experiences that enable the teacher (or a peer) to provide consistent feedback on learning? How do we scaffold students away from known pieces of music into unknown music?