Last month a new logo appeared on our screens in a new child-like typeface ‘Product Sans’. In its simplicity, it is the most significant change in Google’s logo history not only in design, but in the impact that it may have. This new design is intended to look good everywhere across all platforms and even the smallest of screen sizes.

Change is not new to Google. Google has brought many new services over the years that have had significant impact our lives. With the launch of the new logo, Google also released a video to commemorate the evolution that has taken place.

[youtube id=”olFEpeMwgHk” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]


However, Google has also made landmark impacts in education as well.  The first that immediately comes to mind is Google Search and Google Advanced Search.

[youtube id=”mTBShTwCnD4″ align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]

Likewise, Google Apps for Education Suite is a notable suite of applications which allow for student collaboration and productivity. Google docs and Google sheets provides the simpliest form of collaboration between students in a classroom or across the globe using word processing and spreadsheet tools.  Google slides allows for the development of collaborative presentations. The export/import functions and compatibility of these tools with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint allow for files to used both online and offline.

Other invaluable tools include:

Google Hangouts is a good alternative to Skype for video chats – especially in countries where Skype is band.

Google Translate provides translations for selections of text or an entire webpage. While it is not perfect, it provides a comprehensive translation for understanding.

The new Google logo is the forerunner to the next era of new products and services.