Here at OSC, we are constantly using our experience and expertise to develop new tools that will help make IB student’s and teacher’s lives feel much easier. We know how scarce IB resources are and how little time IB students and teachers have. Our tools and resources can help you, and they are free!

Free tools and resources for the new 2014-2015 academic year and for November IB exam takers:

  • IBDP Planner – a fantastic calendar to allow students to schedule their work, plot their deadlines, and see how much time they really have
  • IB Maths Videos – an extensive library of hundreds of free videos for Maths HL, SL and studies
  • Expert Articles – gain advice and guidance from our high-quality collection of articles written by IB experts
  • IB Blogs – over 25 subject-specific blogs for IB students and teachers, written by IB teachers and examiners
  • Exam Planner – create personalised exam timetables


Read more about other ways in which we support IB students and teachers on our website.