OSC has been producing IB Revision Guides since 2002 and we now publish more IBDP specific material than anyone else in the world. We know the importance of revision and review and want to be able to support all IBDP students with our expertise and experience.

The rigorous and balanced learning values of a global curriculum are reflected in the content and structure of OSC revision guides. They offer complete coverage of the IB syllabus, emphasising active revision and review at every stage, with diagrams, exercises, illustrations, examples and exam tips that enable students to absorb and retain vital information in their subject, whatever their learning style.

“We just finished our Biology HL exams, and I wanted to thank you very much for writing such a tremendous IB Biology guide. There are many good guides out there, but I must say that yours is by far the best – it’s got everything you need to know, not too much, and not too little. Your guide made it a lot easier for us in the exam, especially in the weeks leading up to them.” – IB Student

New titles

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest IB Revision Guide, 167 IB Secrets – Tips, hints and cunning tricks for getting better IB grades.


Written by an IB expert with many years’ experience of teaching and examining, the guide is perfect for students who would like practical help on how to get, for example, 6 extra points on their final Diploma score.

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We now have over 35 revision guides which have been converted into eBooks; providing students and teachers with our expert revision guide content on the go.

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Since 2013, OSC has been working with Triple A Learning to offer BACCpacks; engaging, interactive, online materials for IB teachers to use in the classroom.

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Designed to support students through their IB Diploma subject programmes in a cost-effective, flexible and convenient manner, there are currently over 40 topic titles available across 13 IB subjects.


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