What happens when we give consumers, including our students, more control? Especially control of their “footprints”.

A community in the UK has achieved some interesting change via an awareness campaign and real street action.

Your task : Get your CAS kids to start thinking in terms of their electricity consumption at school.

Invite the CAS group to spread another ’seed’. Get them to invite the entire learning community – students, teachers and parents – to track their electricity consumption using technology that the students are engaged in.

Challenge the CAS students to challenge the whole learning community – admin, teachers, support staff and push this project through ‘buddy grades’. For example 3 x Grade 12 CAS  kids will monitor and encourage one class or segment of your school, for example Grade 3, in regards to their fresh electricity consumption over set time  – a week, a weekend, a day, a month.

The challenge is to ’spread the seed’ to other grades.  Students can use a tool like Survey Monkey www.surveymonkey.com – to tabulate their questionnaires and their evidence. Evidence and engagement.

Whole school results could be presented on websites and in assemblies  – real evidence that the CAS students have made a diffrence.