Just published on the OCC – I thought I would bring to your attention this fabulous resource from Karl Ulrich a Design professor at the University of Pennsylvania. It is a fully downloadable open source book on the process of design looking at problem defintion, aesthetics, creativity amongst many other topics.

The second part of the resource is a fully online course – with lecture videos and resources at Cousera. This is still available to view as an archive although the recent course has just finished. The course goes a little further than the book and covers branding and supply chain and costing all excellent for the new course.

  • The book is available for viewing and download – at  http://opim.wharton.upenn.edu/~ulrich/designbook.html and helpful for the following units from the new syllabus :-
    • Classic Design – Unit 6
    • Innovation and Design – Unit 5
    • Modelling – Unit 3
    • User Centred Design – Unit 7
  • The course is available for viewing and joining – at https://www.coursera.org/course/design and helpful in addition for the following units from the new syllabus :-
    •  Innovation and Markets – Unit 9 (HL)
    •  Commercial Production – Unit 10 (HL)

So have a look a resource not worth missing…